On November 29 2013, three old fellas resembling an old Melbourne band called DIGBY hit the stage under the exceptionally ambiguous moniker of 'Dan Walker and Friends' to play an acoustic set of new tracks, as well as a few old Digby songs re-imagined. Now almost officially named 'Dan Walker and the Glass Half Full', this acoustic set has been doing the Melbourne and Victorian Great Ocean Road coastal tours every since!

Check out the continually growing list of demos I put together for the sets below, including the claimed "best yet" La Dee Doo from November 2016. Sorry.. I know I promised the Chicken Shop last year I'd try to write something a little less depressing.. but unfortunately they come as they come.


Well, we can't have purple hair forever I guess. These tracks have been written for my kids, but they've been a bunch of fun to work on.


Just added the Someone Else single tracks (added September 2012)


Here's some other random demos and tracks we found lying around from the archives.